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Happy Halloween!

Wassup everybody~~~

Been a freaking long time since my
last post... (✖╭╮✖)

I'm sorry!!!
Sophomore was hard, but the second semester
was... unbelievable.Too many homework and
tests at the same time!!
-sobs- (/ _ ; )

So anyways!

I'm back for Halloween~
And to make up for the lack of posts,
I'm going to post some of the tutorial I've
learned! There are a lot of tutorials out there,
but most of them are.. hard. FML.
ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ

Basically, I'm having my tutorials from here and here.
But, the biggest help was from PHLEARN's tuts!
His tuts are easy enough to understand, and he's doing
it step by step, so even a noob like me can do something
(though it's not as good as what he did OTL)

This is the result!!



Basically what I did was copy-paste-ing few things:

After copying everything, I was playing with
Liquify, making the layer being an Overlay or
Screen and Brush tools + Masked layers.
Using Dodge/Burn/Smudge tools for  the last
finishing and to smooth it up. Oh! and using
the Hue/Saturation and Curve layer as
adjustments to add up the Darkness level.

Here are the tutorial I used:ヘ(。□°)ヘ
How to do the Skull face:
by DLMGraphics
How to add Fire (Ch1) and Copying the eyes (Ch4):
by Dark Book of Photoshop  

Oh right! This is another result of following
the trial of Good and Evil (using the pic of
Carson Lueders):

The tutorial is easy to follow, and instead of making
it half-good and half-bad, you can make it
all-bad for this Halloween! XD 

So yeah, that's all!
Hope this post helps! ~

←~(o `▽´ )oΨ  HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2013 ∋━━o(`∀´oメ)~→





It feels like I just blogged yesterday (ok, nah)
and now there's another blog post! xD

Before I start!! Kindly click my nuffnang ads above 
like always~~ much appreciated, really! XD

Let's get it started!! =D

This should be posted in mid-January, where
 all of my results were out~ but because I was
busy with MMK (I'll let you know why on the next
post hoho :b), and because of Indo's internet speed~
I finally posted this on February.. ~(‾_‾)~

Nah, just kidding.
Truth is I was too busy sleeping and eating like a pig.

Why am I making this kind of blog post, you ask?

As the picture above said:
C.O.T.Y. - Class of The Year,
is selected based on the class which I achieved
the highest score among the classes I've taken
this semester, and interestingly, I simply fall in love
with this class. That's why this blog post was born!
I can't help sharing one of the greatest moment
of my life HAHA XD

Oh yes, before I continue:


Totally lucky, I think. Super luck. XD

And so~~ the title of C.O.T.Y falls to~~~~


I had so much fun learning in this class, and most
importantly: I understood what my teacher and
my friends were talking about! LOL
(cus this is a Full-English Taught Course, and my Chinese is poor like hell)

All of the attendees were so open-minded, not to mention
the teacher, Dr. Victoria Rau. Super glad I'm able to
join this class!! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

The most interesting part is, on the last day of class,
Dr. Rau gave each of us an award. Not the one with
big present or money or what, it was simply a
certificate, with a certain title.

For me, that was more than enough. Knowing
that your teacher observed you, giving response to you,
and appreciate what you did, that's really.... touching!

And.. this is what I got! (~‾▿‾)~


Actually I didn't ask a lot of questions in class.
As long as I remember, I only asked two questions
for a semester LOL XD

Don't know why I got this title, but still I really appreciate it!!
Much love!!!

 We also have a "Joint Presentation", it's where
three classes were joint together and from each
class there will be some group who will do a
presentation or making a poster.

There were 7 groups, 5 groups did a presentation,
while the other 2 were making poster. From the 5 groups,
3 were from my class. So you know, I was kinda excited
to do the presentation. It felt like a challenge XD

First team to be up on stage was.. my team XD 
There were Joe, Me, Andy, and Stone. The second
and the third team were also from my class. The second
team consists of girls only: Athena, Lala, Mei Lu, Michelle,
 Pei Zhen, and Helen. The third team is a single-team one,
presented by Roya! (damn brave, I said! XD)

And then, we also had award winners! Interesting, huh?
And most of the winners were from my class LOL XD
There were some presents available, such as card holders,
USB drives, hand-made soap (?), pen, etc. The winners
can choose one of the available presents as an award!

Is that the end? Oh nope!
Your dearest also won one!! HOHO XB

I won as one of four best presenters~
And I chose a card holder!
From the looks of it, it's from
Korea's Law Information Service~
And the inside is from leather!
\(-ㅂ-)/ ♥

That's it for C.O.T.Y. post!
Wish everybody a happy Chinese New Year!
Wish you all earn a lot of Angbao~!! XD

See you in next few days! (I hope)



Blessed December

Hiiii tharr! I'm back!! xD
This time, another a monthly-post~
This can't be help, sophomore is such a hard year,
I can hardly keep up with all of the homework and
exams.. ugh D:

so anyway! before I start..
kindly click my nuffnang ads above yo!
I will really really appreciate it! :D

Yap, as the title said:

Finally!! It's my first time seeing a star (even two),
singing, live!! It was some sort of event in my school
held by some kind of activities? I don't even know the
detail, lol xD My friend told me earlier that day that some
kind of artists were going to sing live at the student activity
center, and so, because I was curious, I kind of asked
(almost forced) her to accompany me watching the event xD

The name's Bii !! super shuai one (~‾▿‾)~ ♥
I heard that he's Taiwanese but were living in Korea (?)
anyway check out his songs! Pretty damn good!
(besides that he's super handsome too =P)

Show him some loves and support him by
clicking like on his FB page! XD

The second one was 陈势安 !! also known as 天后哥~
he has that kind of voice which will make you want to hear more..
check 'em out! xD I personally think he's also a handsome
and kind person~~ (。・ω・。)ノ

 He was always waving to the audience, and sometimes
he will give thumbs up to those who's been singing
along with him.. Personally I think he's quite interesting xD
How many singer you know will do that on a live stage?

Show him some loves and support him by
clicking like on his FB page too! XD

At the end of the show, this two super 帥哥 did a duet~
The song was 勢在必行, which will play an important
part of my next journey.. XD

So, it was that time of the year again! 僑聯 KTV!!
This year... I surprisingly joined xD The reason I joined
was because of only one song : 勢在必行!!
Feel familiar? yeah, it was after I heard that song
on a live stage that I interested to go on stage too! xD

So, again, I kinda persuaded my room mate who loves
to sing, and is also my Indonesian friend, to go up on
stage with me, sing that song as a duet group xD

Finally, after a looooooong time of persuasion, and
after a yes-but-no back and forth, she agreed to go
up on stage with me. YESH!!

If you see the date, we only have 7 days to prepare
our song right? but to be honest, we only practice
for 5 days!! That yes-but-no takes longer than expected xD
So yea, here we go! we're finally on stage, along with other
CCUISA members!! \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥

TBH, we were just doing it for fun. I just wanted to go on
stage and sing that song, just that. I never intended to win
since we only got 5 days for practice (but deep inside I know
I'm dying to win xD)..

Some behind the scene case:

As you see above, when me and Meme were singing, there
were two people being a stand-mic for us xD Actually, I've
asked the committee before if they can provide us any stand-mic,
because we're going to use guitar as our music instruments,
and they said yes. But, that day they said that the place we're
performing at doesn't have any stand-mic. You can imagine
how freaked out Meme and I were xD

So, super grateful to the two 學弟妹 above who helped us
for being a human stand-mic!! (ノ ゜∀゜)ノ

The result, you asked? Surprisingly enough, we won.

We didn't believe it ourselves when we were announced
that we won the third place. We were like, are you kidding me?
oh! and William also won the second place~ but hell yeah baby,
we won!! HUZZAH~ \(‾▿‾ )/ \(‾▿‾)/ \( ‾▿‾)/

so yes~ It was a great day!! super surprised
that we could win the third place xD
let's end this part with my face, shall we~ :P

So you might be asking, why are we Asians celebrating
Christmas on 22nd? The answer is because, the 25th
was on Tuesday!! T.T Unfortunately, in Taiwan, Christmas
is just another day (means no special holiday for it) and so
we, as students, can't help but celebrating it some other day.

Unlike the previous years, where we just ordered and eat inside
the school, we were heading to a restaurant this year! Great job
for my 大二 mate: Lydia! She planned everything, from the place
to the transportation... and I didn't really help anything *gulp*

Well anyways! this year was a blast! We went to this place
called 喜多郎. It was an all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu place!
Imagine that you can order a lot of beefs, bacons, chickens, and
you still can add some eggs, veggies, mushrooms, meatballs,
mochi, noodles, etc, etc. YAP, YUMMEH. XD

And then!! we also had exchange gifts~

I got Ko Juan's name for the exchange gift session.. and I
didn't have any clue what to buy!! XD so I asked him bluntly,
pretending that I have to give someone from the boys' side,
and I asked him, what does he want from the perspective of
the boys? He answered that he wanted color pencils, so that
he can draw a lot of things。。

Okay, so color pencils it is!! XD

oh and guess what I got? a desk clock!! wohooo~~ Thanks
Ko Andy for the gift!! mad love the Christmas card btw
(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ♥

 That's it for Christmas!! T'was good. Freaking good! XD
Because of the busy life with exams and everything, it's
hard for all of us to be altogether like this. So, once we
had an all-out like this.. It felt nice =)

To celebrate new year, along with three other members
of CCUISA - Teddy, William, ko Juan - we went to eat
吃到飽 again~ XD this time is 烤肉+火鍋!! Glomp

The place is in 嘉義 - 淺田日式屋燒肉. There are two
set of menus: First one is 299NT, and the second one
is 399NT. Place is actually good, too bad it's too small~
but because of smaller place, the waiters/waitress can
help efficiently! We can get rid of empty plates faster
because of their help hoho :b

  So, beloved readers. Let's DROOL XD
(nah just kidding. I don't have that many pics, too busy eating)

Next, we went to 嘉義 to see some sort of concert,
but because it was too freezing and crowded, we can barely
see the singers, so we decided to head to Carrefour! We
bought two packs of firecrackers to play later hoho :b

After that, we went to 劍湖山 to see fireworks~ It was
freaking cold!! All of us were freezing from head to toes,
no one cares to take pictures anymore, moreover recording
the fireworks xD anyways the fireworks were.. COOL~
This freezing feeling... Worth it!!! XD

Back from 劍湖山 to CCU, we met ce Azhen~ :D so later
five of us play the firecrackers together woopwoop BD

That's it!
Hope you guys have a good new year too!
Have a blast 2013!
After cancelled doomsday,
This is your year, man!!
 Let's make our dreams come true!



10 Things!


Finally I do a real blog post!! HAHA

*Clap clap clap*

But wait! Before I start, kindly click my
Nuffnang ads above yo! Sankyuuu! =D

So yeah, maybe you ask, why I name this post
"10 Things!"?

Actually, after a loooong time absence without 
any updates, I feel lazy to post those updates one
by one..  so I post 'em all in this post! also, rather
than posting all of the pictures, I decided to post
a few only, but still represents what's going on..

So.. Let's start, shall we?! XD

So, few months ago I kept saying on my posts
and also on facebook about MMK. It's a kind of
 a small band actually, but with a lot of singers,
and a few playing music instruments. We tried
to combine Chinese music instruments with
Western one, and form a new kind of band LOL

On July 24th, we have to perform at Kelenteng,
to celebrate it's birthday. It's our first time
to perform, and there are many of us who has
this as their first performance. So.. you can
imagine how bad it was, plus we were like so
nervous LOLOL. Fortunately we only sang
1 song: 全世界我最喜歡你 (可是你都不知道).
It's a Taiwanese Song, and it's so catchy! HAHA

So yeap, those are the pictures! - There are 10
people as singers, and we have Unggul as
pianist, Reki as bassist, Albert as Er Hu (二胡)
player and your dearest, me, as guitarist (altho
I'm just an amateur) LOL

Still with MMK! (Since it was summer and I don't
have anything to do LOL). We have to perform
again on Aug 5th haha! Since it's the second
time now, most of us are getting used to it, and
we perform better! This time, we sang 2 songs:
still with 全世界我最喜歡你 (可是你都不知道) and
Sempurna (It's and Indonesian song but we sang
the Chinese version by Nicholas Teo)

Ironically, this was also my last time to perform
with them.. aaah, good times, good times!
I can't wait to come back and meet the more
"professional" them! HAHA :{D

back to Taiwan! just a week after I'm back, I
already wandered around! haha (should grab
the chance before my life is all about crazy
exams and homework y'kno). and of course!
I wandered together with CCUISA, yo~~ =D

Our destination was 蘭潭! Nothing special actually,
but what makes it cool is something-like-bridge-
with-its-lights-turn-on ! HAHA! There were 10
of us who went there, and that was.. FUN BD

Still in September, still with CCUISA, and still
wandering around! LOL this time our destination
were a lot of places, but I'll just show you one!
(it was because in the next destinations the wind
was so strong and my face look like shit LOL)

This place shows how Hios are made, and
I think it's quite interesting~ but still the best
thing that we still can camwhore there LOL

Ahoi, it's September 21st!! It's my birthday!
HAHA ♥ I want to thank my parents for
raising me until I'm this big, and special
thanks to my mom, for bearing with this little
bastard for such a hard 9 months! Thanks
Mom, thanks Dad! 我愛你們 ♥

So this is my second time I celebrated my
birthday in Taiwan! not only CCUISA help me
celebrated it.. the girls also bought me a gift!!
super shock!! It's a One Piece puzzle erhmehgerd ♥
Thanks guys for everything, you guys make my
birthday become a blast!! XD

Right after I celebrated my birthday, another
event comin' up! It's an event for CCUISA
where the freshmen introduce themselves to us, 
seniors, and then we eat together. The freshmen also
have to perform something, either singing, dancing,
playing guitar or anything~ :P

This year we only have 2 new CCUISA
freshmen.. yep, just 2 T__T but still!!
Welcome to CCUISA! hope you guys enjoy
your time with us for the next years,
let's make memorable memories together!

Last story in September!! And it's about....
On Sept 30th, together with two seniors of
CCUISA - Ko Ronald and Ko Tempe - we
went to eat MEATS ♥ Only for 329 NT,
we can order a lot of things, and eat until
full, plus ice cream! So good, ah? LOL ♥

Confirm, I gain a lot of WEIGHT!! HAHA
Anyhow, I had a lot of fun! I really hope I
can go there again for New Year LOL

Finally, October come! Wow, so fast isn't it =.=
When October comes, there also comes..
Summer Camp (宿營)! I kinda waiting for it to
come, because this is my first time being a
member of the committee for the camp!
It's a camp held by 僑聯 for overseas freshmen,
and they hope by doing this the freshmen
will know each other, and the seniors will know
their juniors too. But since I'm just a design
member, I didn't appear that much on these
camp (not that I complain tho LOL)

The camp was being held at 高雄~ Nice
place actually, but tbh, it's not suitable for
this summer camp LOL the place is like, so
small, and when we do a BBQ at the night,
the place was so dark I can barely see anything.
But however! It was fun! I had fun playing my
first time as a "chaserin "Running Man"!
Not a real Running Man though, just a replica

Ah yeah, after my birthday, there were also
a lot of CCUISA members who celebrates
their birthday! The list goes below!

The last but not the least... My recent updates!
As you might know, I'm currently in midterm-
week.. While everybody else is busy preparing
for exams and studying, I'm here.. Photoshopping
my pictures and blogging LOL!
I'm sick of studying, I can't even get one thing
in my mind. Sophomore is such a hard year ಠ_ಠ

I don't understand a single thing the teacher
talks about in class, moreover doing the homework.
My life is so messed up (ʃ˘̩̩ε˘̩ƪ)

Anyway, you can see my hair there.
I cut the bangs by myself, and you can see.
It's... messed up. LOLOL

Ah! Besides studying a lot of crap theories,
I also studying about Phothoshop leh HAHA
These, are the projects I've done since
September~ Including some of the designs
I did for 宿營.

The next I'm going to show you are the things
I did when I don't have anything to do.
(Well, actually I have, but I just didn't know what
to do with my super-hard homework).

Last words!! (Finally!)

Wherever you are,
whoever you are,
whatever happened to you,

 To all of my friends who's going to have
midterm like me:

祝大家 ALL PASS!!